anar dana goli

Anar Dana goli is a traditional Indian candy or powder which was and is very popular before the processed and the sugar ones came in India! Anar means Pomegranate, dana means seeds and goli means circular tablets in anar dana goli is basically pomegranate tablets that have been used as a natural alternative remedy to conventional medicines for natural living. This digestive powder traditionally was consumed for all digestive wellness. It tastes great and is totally natural. It helps with constipation, gastric distress, boosts appetite, promotes good bowel movement, and prevents nutrition loss.

To lead a natural and sustainable lifestyle, adapting to the natural native methods for alternative methods of wellness and living becomes very crucial. accepting and understanding the body and keeping it in full circle with the products that are naturally viable to help and aid certain areas of health and anar dana (pomegranate), cumin, fennel, etc are all-natural remedies that have been accepted for digestive wellness for many-many years. This easy-breezy traditional recipe is totally safe for the kids and is completely natural and effective.

Kindly note that all these ancient native recipes help in everyday life for overall wellness. If at any given point of time you are unwell or have issues, consult your doctor first and foremost because these are not medicine but an alternative method of keeping your body in pace with overall health and wellness and no means be taken as medicines.

Let us see how we can make this easy digestive powder to have a smooth flow of digestion in everyday life and the best past about these digestive powder is that you can mix them with little honey or sugar syrup to make it in the shape of candies and also serve it to the kids once in a day so that they resist their sugar cravings and the wellness is maintained as well.

WATCH VIDEO for a detailed method of making the natural digestive candy with anar dana or pomegranate seeds

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2 Tbsp – Pomegranate seeds
(You can sundry the pomegranate seeds or just put them in a baking tray and bake until they are dry and crisp.)
1 Tbsp – Cumin
1 Tbsp – Fennel seeds
5-7 – Black Pepper Corn
Half teaspoon of salt
2 Tbsp – Sugar

Take a pan and roast the seeds on slow to medium heat until they start to pop up and don’t burn. Once this is done, just cool it down. Add sugar and salt. Mix it well and grind them to make a very fine powder. You can also sieve it if you want. To make the candies out of this powder, just add few spoons of honey to reach up to a dough consistency.

Now take the dough ball and baking sheet or parchment paper and start rolling the dough into small candies to finally wrap them in the paper. You can coat it with sugar powder so that it doesn’t stick to your hand. The store is in an airtight container in the fridge or in a cool dry place for a good 2-3 weeks! You can have it once or twice every day after food!

Natural living comes with an overall circle of a lifestyle that adapts with natural ingredients within, to follow a life that is not bounded with store-bought commercial, packaged muti booster tablets which are extensively sold and claimed to have extracted from natural ingredients. The irony is that we run for something that is naturally derived but not natural and instead not consume the one which is straight from the kitchen.

anar dana goli
Anar dana goli / candy

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