The holiday season is right in the corner, festivities and the season to cheer, laugh, spend time with each other is here. It brings lots of joys within a community to actually come together and be grateful for. Also being stuck and quarantined for almost a year now, it’s time to lighten up and cheer and share joys.

But not to forget this year has been tough and trying for the fact that lots of people struggled with their and the lives of their loved once, many front line workers have not seen their families and loved once in a long time and might not be able to see them this year as well due to lots of work, businesses are struggling to survive, big or small, there has been a gush of plastic waste due to the medical aid and online delivery services, etc.

So let’s be a little conscious of the environment and mankind this holiday season. Lets just waste less, support the people who really need us and the aid, look for the things that don’t overload the already saturated earth and lets pledge to avoid the unnecessary trash generation this holiday season.

Here are some of the ways you can absolutely reduce your waste and work towards making this holiday season a no-waste gifting season. Have a read:



A very important step this year is to only look for the places who are small, who are local. Many businesses have suffered a lot during these pandemic times and it becomes our duty to support them and buy from them. Small businesses selling soaps, candles, handmade gifts, arts, paintings, and for that matter pottery, embroidery, packaged food items that are small, that are striving hard to survive. Look for the small entrepreneur around you who do and run businesses from home.

You can choose to look for handmade coasters, handicraft, sauces and condiments, cookies and bakes, handmade jewelry, bags, clothes, stitches, perfumes, local and seasonal produce and anything that support a small vendor or a seller to gain from you this holiday season. Be vocal for the locals. This is the time when you can support them individually when all the bazaars are canceled, people avoid going to the markets, shipping is limited. This is the time actually to minimize your waste and uplift the local economy by supporting them.



Homemade is always special when it comes to gifting. Homemade gifts are made with love, emotions, and workmanship. Homemade gifting items also denote that you care, you treasure, and your support. Usually, homemade items like cookies, bake like cakes, pastries, biscuits, tarts, homemade bouquets, handmade jewelry, recycled products, upcycle items, savories, snacks, homemade foods, etc.

When you gift homemade, you are in a way gifting someone an intimate feeling which is original, made with love, usually uses the best quality ingredients and materials. Homemade gifting also enhances the creativity of an individual, and in that way, it promotes the skill work.

Homemade items can be customized according to one’s requirement. Keeping the tradition alive we should invest and support eco-friendly products and show our goodwill to support artisans.

Homemade items can be customized to waste less, discard the use of plastic, and enhance the use of natural ingredients and organic produce.  So just list down the actual number of gifts you require this holiday season and dial up the people who are catering and serving homemade gifts and plan for it. Always make sure that you reduce, reuse, and repurpose what you already have.



Sustainability is so important currently and we all know that this is the first generation to have experienced climate change and its effects. So to keep in mind, keep that consciousness alive and look for sustainable gift options. Looks for the brand and sellers who are thinking of the environment and biodiversity. Hunt the shops that are doing and impacting the natural surroundings with positive change.

There are many options that you can add to your gifting to reduce waste this holiday season. One can plan to gift zero waste kits that reduce plastic, then the other option is to gift plants, gift plastic-free products, one can gift compost bins and also lots of sustainable gifts like clothes with sustainable fabrics, sneakers, candles, natural toothpaste, and eco-friendly and natural skincare and cosmetics.

People are getting aware and are conscious of their choices. So to reduce the waste you can present them something that adds value, that doesn’t burden the ecosystem, and probably enhances and motivates them to be more aware of waste management during this holiday season.



Now another way to be perfectly sensible this holiday season keeping in mind that people are stuck at home, they probably have very less interesting things to do at home and the life they are leading is pretty mundane. So to cut short that and making them happy and joyful and exciting, look for the options that add value to their personality.

Present them something that they can learn something from to reduce waste and uplift the scenarios and mental health. Involving your friends that help them improve like sewing classes, pottery, cooking any particular type of cuisine, gardening classes, or as simple as attending workshops that improve their personality. Gift them something that adds value to their life.

If you find that your loved one is struggling with any kind of lack of knowledge then go for something little like a crash course on digital marketing or public relations, content writing which helps them rise up and empower. Promote them to rise and shine them in business opportunities. Not all materialistic things are presents. Sometimes you have to think out of the box and observe and act. I am sure they will thank you later.


Another amazing idea to waste less this holiday season is to go for gifting and presenting the experiences to your loved ones. As simple as a virtual tour to a famous historical touristic spot or an escape room. Something like a date night or a meal at the favorite restaurant. You can gift them tickets to their favorite museum, aquarium, send them to movies, or some local attraction. If your friends are interested in art galleries then look for the artists that are showcasing near you, book theatres, etc.

Send them to a refreshing meditation gateway where they learn and treasure the experiences. See the whole point of giving someone, something necessarily not always means that one has to invest money and in plastic packaging, and non-recyclable, non –biodegradable products. People are getting really aware of the things they consume. So be aware and invest in the things that don’t create that kind of trash. If you have something that can be reused and repurposed then go for it. Wrap it in eco-friendly packing like clothes, newspapers, used wrapping sheets or just a raw unpacked gift is a wonderful idea to not waste or create waste.

Be thoughtful, be observant and read the minds of the people you love this holiday season.


Now the point of the holiday season and festive months is actually not that you really need to make an effort to hunt for the apt gifts for every family for every individual that you love or are fond of. I completely understand that the holiday season comes with gifting and presents but in hindsight if you think, why you need all this.

Why you need to clutter and gather the gifting culture. You can definitely plan to spend some quality time with each other, take it slow, and enjoy the real value of spending time. Holiday season and festivities are related to sharing warmth, love, and togetherness with positivity and gratitude.

So plan your days and time in a way that you organize small get together, you go out for a trail and do a small picnic, how about meeting all the friends at one place and watching a movie and baking pizzas. There is nothing more valuable than evaluating emotions and feelings. So captivate those gestures and spend that extra little time with your loved ones. Not necessarily you need to move in and out to look for that extra purchase that comes with lots of spending and lots of time and obviously carbon footprints. So go for simple things because simple is always beautiful.


The best one for the last. As you all know that this year has been really tough for most people. Be it in terms of business, education, nutrition, industrial, education, or for that matter many other sectors that work for the tiny organizations to uplift the social causes.

So the best way to celebrate this holiday season is to look for genuine charities and organizations that are working towards a better future.

Loom for the charities that are working towards women empowerments, supporting small business, wildlife protection, environmental organizations, beach clean-ups, animals welfare, poverty and education, better working conditions and obviously medical and sanitation and cleanliness sector that has been a really tough and challenging year.

Thinks with a perspective of being quarantined with your family all these months and then think of people who have not been able to see their family for months because they are fighting on the first line to curb the virus. We really owe it to them and it becomes our prime duty to think of them on the prima fascia. Donate to the charities, contribute and participate, encourage your loved once and aware them that is the most important thing to do currently.


When we think of holidays we think of fun, love, laughter, good food, dance and parties, and obviously gift. Which is directly related to generating lots of waste, lots of spending, and lots of unwanted cluttering.

The world is stuffed with landfill wastes and waste management and it’s such that the united nations have set a goal to curb this problem on a global level under their 17 Sustainable development goals. So when we aggressively and unconsciously spend our time and energy on something that is not required, that is not needed and that is not essential at all, we are not ready for it.


I wish to believe that because of the internet and social media awareness people don’t know the value of conserving our biodiversity and environment. So be conscious, be kind, and be aware this holiday season to not burden more but work towards lifting off and slowing down.

Have a great time with family and friends, spend quality time to cook and relish delicious food, go for eco-friendly décors, and plan cozy winter or summer nights with your close ones.

Here’s to wish you a very happy holiday season. Cheers!

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