Climate actions are something that we need to focus on right now because the climate crises and the change is real and we haven’t been stopping to talk about it. The ability and the capacity to continue living in a simple way to wind up and explain sustainability. Who would not choose happy earth having green plants, clean water, pure air, healthy life, happiness, and prosperity over a SAD EARTH which is full of natural disasters, pollution, climate rise, extinction, and sadness? Nobody right… so what are you doing it to protect it what are your climate actions for the people, for the society, for the economy grown and obviously for protecting the culture and heritage.

We all know that earth is going through serious crises wherein all the average conditions of the earth is changing constantly. Glaciers are shrinking, ice is melting, sea levels are rising, bloom seasons are changing, and the temperature and rainfall are struggling to keep up with human activities. CLIMATE ACTIONS are so important currently.

Burning of fossil fuels, livestock grazing, cutting down the forests and the aggressive agriculture practices are leading to add on to so many harming greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitroxide, etc that the greenhouse effect on the earth is just going haywire and eventually leading to the severity of the natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami, wildfires, floods, etc and who is paying for it.

Humans..other than the death of so many animals and biodiversities. If we don’t combat the climate crises now then it will be too late to even act upon it. So here are some ways you can adapt on an individual level to do your bit.



CLIMATE ACTIONS 1 : Avoiding and completely stopping the use of plastic is the single best thing you can do to not add to climate change and for climate action. We already know that plastics and microplastics practically never degrades and slowly and definitely goes down in the drain or gets littered outside or dumps in the landfills produce harmful gases and toxins which are eventually released into the sea.

Now, what happens in the sea is that it attracts other bacteria and harmful toxins to more or less look like food. Once it’s like the food the marine animals mistake it for food and eats them which ultimately kills them or ends up on our dinner plates. This plastic is also entering the natural cycles and disrupting the food chains. The point is JUST STOP using the plastic at your home and nearby surrounding to not make it worse.

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CLIMATE ACTIONS 2 : Another major thing to add to global warming and climate change is the release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which usually increases either by the burning of fossil fuels or by cutting down the trees. Now to stop deforestation you can work in the reverse path to plant more and more trees. Imagine if every one of us plants a tree as a unit, the deforestation will be decreased in so many ways. Also, another factor to go carbon neutral is to cut down your travel and not aggressively travel too much to cut down on flights and the burning of fossil fuels.


Eating less traveled food, eating local and seasonal, not eating too much-packaged food, and going towards a green lifestyle can cut down a lot of things as an overall picture. Also as I said before the plastic is also produced from the burning of fossil fuels (petroleum processing) so eventually stopping the use of plastic will cut down the burning of fossil fuels as well.

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CLIMATE ACTIONS 3 : Being conscious of saving water and saving energy and lights and fuels is another breakthrough for the reduction of climate change. When you save energy and water you are indirectly saving the burning of fossil fuels which is directly leading to the greenhouse effect and global warming.  Adapting to mythologies that support the reduction of energy is the lifestyle change that you can make by small actions like switching off the lights, using minimal water, using natural drying techniques, using less heat and more cold, and cutting down on everything that is extra.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 4 :Are you aware that how strongly the wastage at our home and surroundings are related to climate change and global warming? The more waste we produce the more it reaches the landfills. Once they reach landfills they release harmful toxins and methane into the atmosphere, which is a major contributor to global warming. Methane is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and if you reduce the wastage at your individual home and locality you can very much reduce the landfill waste in the longer run.

Once the landfill waste is reduced, the release of toxins and gases will eventually cut down. Now how can you do it? The simplest way to reduce waste is to reduce your need first of all. Buying fewer items, cutting down on packaged items, and focusing on buying more bulk and loose items, and also growing and producing your own food. Another awesome way to cut down on wastage is following a minimalist and simple living approach wherein you buy less, you consume less and you waste less. 

Composting is another way to turn your organic waste into something that goes back on the earth itself. So the point is to reduce waste in a great way to contribute to climate action.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 5 : We all know that non-renewable energy sources like coal, petroleum, and natural gas are limited and are slowly depleting. Fossil fuels most likely will not be left for our children and grandchildren if the rate of consumption doesn’t stop at the rate it’s going on. So to create a balance we should focus on more renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, tidal energy, etc.

Using and adapting to this kind of energy resource will create a balance and we will not drain out the natural sources for the future ahead and this is a great step towards sustainability. To be able to sustain or carry forward what we already have is the core and soul of sustainability. Protecting and nurturing that is simple to support and enhance our healthy living conditions. Think about it.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 6 : Livestock grazing and forcibly treating and unethical practices for animals in the factory farms is a worrisome which is against the sustainable goals but also the huge amount of livestock grazing that produces and releases a lot of methane in the environment and add to the global warming. Cows and sheep produce large amounts of methane when they digest their food.

So when these collecting large factory farms graze up the poultry and cattle and livestock, a lot of methane is released in the environment that adds up to lots of things. Being vegan or vegetarian for this matter is highly debatable but following a conscious diet that is local, seasonal, more plants specific and locally ethically grazed animals can be a considerate factor in choosing what you eat.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 7 :Another factor and way to cut down on global greenhouse gas emissions are to cut down on your fast fashion choices that do no good but also promote and work against sustainability. When you follow fast fashion, you are directly supporting low wage practices for the workers, working against human rights, piling up and adding lots of trash in the landfills, contaminating the rivers and water bodies, and promoting the release of toxins and plastic directly into the water system.

Fast fashion is insane and merely works on showing off and does no good for the basic requirement. Being fashional is not a bad thing but smartly planning your things out on the way you wear and bring yourself up to the world should be conscious, mindful, and considerate. So follow a basic minimal wardrobe collection that features all your essentials and regards your want. Stop piling up.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 8 : The travel industry boomed with all the social media and with the fast World Wide Web coming into the picture, the travel looked so easy. Still does. People constantly travel from one place to another and frankly whether agree or not it has come to a point where people are just traveling for the purpose of clicking pictures, ticking their bucket list, or just flaunting it to the world. It’s not pretty cool.

Cool not to the point where you forcibly put yourself in the position where you exploit the energy resources adds to the greenhouse mass and promote lots of aggressive activities of tours and travel that disrupts the biodiversity. Recently excess tourism in Thailand and the Philippines closed themselves down because they feared the deaths of live corals and fishes., overfishing and release of toxins in the sea is directly killing lots of marine life and damaging the corals and sea life. Agresive traveling can be avoided totally and green-conscious travel can be chosen against continuous travel


CLIMATE ACTIONS 9 : Talking to the community, organizing the workshop guiding the small kids and children who will actually shape the world in a few years is a very important aspect of acting on climate action. Although many might consider it to be a passive action towards climate action, but according to me conversations can change your mind at any level. It can alter many thoughts and processes on the journeys that you are doing the right thing.

Are you conscious enough and doing your bit. Just going for a casual beach clean up and calling your few friends and family along and talking to them about it will make a change. Conscious community is built by bonds and bonds are made with a conversation on the way. Communication is the key. I might think lots of good things for the world but until I don’t act and enact it, it doesn’t hold any substantial value. Talk, organize, communicate, and inspire.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 10 : Also to cut down the preservative and chemical going down the drain, to cut down the plastic packaging, to save money, to support the local community, local produce and to expose yourself to less chemical or no chemical, making your own products, preserving your own food, and growing and composting your food is a great great way towards a green lifestyle. DIY the products to live simply and to reduce the landfill waste as well. The plastic mixed with our cosmetic and skincare beauty range reaches the water cycles and having a powerful impact on the environment. Cutting down on these items can help the planet in so many ways.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 11 : Being conscious and kind towards animals, towards the poor, towards the needy, and towards the non-privileged is one step up for sustainability. Poverty, good physical and mental health, no hunger, quality education, gender equality, economic growth, good working condition, human right, animal rights, sustainable development, justice, and peace within the world is so equally crucial towards achieving what we really want to achieve.

Other than active actions what we think, what we do, and what we really want for society to hold the topmost position. So for that, read about the things that have come to the society, bothering the people, and interrupting the mindfulness of community should be looked upon. Being conscious and kind, being just aware is so important for climate action on the whole.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 12 : Join Campaigns and organizations that uplift the environmental and social-economic and cultural work for the society. Work with them on the grounds. Do a reality check. What works for you might not work for anyone else. We are a very unbalanced society. Writing in an air-conditioned room with all the privileges is one way to talk about climate action and going to the grounds joining the campaigns and really seeing what goes into what people are doing are two sides of the coin.

I might tell you to not use plastic to not eat meat or to grow your own food and make your own products. But what about the people who have no choices or previlages to do this. What if people don’t have a choice but to eat what they are eating. What if nobody has any land or space to even sleep, let alone to grow the food. These are very blurry and real issues that one needs to confront into. Joining campeigns and organizations who work on ground level one thing one should experience and work on.


CLIMATE ACTIONS 13 : This one is actually very very important. Being aware of your political choices and being well versed with whom you are voting, their agendas and what are the climate policies and voting and choosing somebody who will be up to their representing the masses collectively holding your thoughts values and ideologies will be perfect to actually the one to make the change.

Being active on the facts that what are the policies that ought to implement, or writing to the agencies that formulate the agendas and policies of climate action is a crucial and one of the most important aspects of making the big change for attaining the Sustainable goals.


This article with some CLIMATE ACTIONS can take you down on the pointer of a few of the most important things that you can do and capture to keep the earth plastic-free and the sea clean. Also the land and air pure and clean. Adverse Human actions are the most disturbing contribution to make this earth a degrading place and if we don’t stop now that it would be very difficult to even bounce back. Take your mother earth as your mind, body, and soul.

You reap what you sow. If you feed positivity, mindfulness, consciousness to the environment, and surrounding you will definitely get it back. We will flourish and we will sustain. Just be a little aware and conscious of your actions and beliefs and this world will be an absolutely wonderful place to be. Think about it before you act. It time for some CLIMATE ACTIONS to be done out there to the world. Go for it.

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