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We talk a lot about zero waste products in our living or low-waste lifestyle but if you go in the market, there are heaps of stores and online shopping places that sell products that you might not need or it is just a luxury. Although cited as zero waste products, these products never hold true meaning when it comes to repurposing, reusing, and reducing.

But certain things do help us in reducing the waste we create unconsciously because we are not open to trying things available to us. Also unknowingly we use things that have a huge impact on the earth. So in today’s read let’s figure out what actually are the things that you should invest in. What are the products that you should try to reduce your waste?


Here’s are our 15 picks for TOP ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS :

zero waste products


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_1 Grocery and weekly shopping to the farmer’s markets and superstore is a mandate for every household and imagine going every time and ending up collecting all the plastic bag that ends up in the oceans, end up in the landfills eventually disrupting the whole marine and natural lifecycle. So one of my most important zero waste products has to be a reusable big grocery bag.

Keep one big grocery bag in your car, or in the front access to your home, or any good foldable bag in the purse. This will reduce a lot of plastic trash reaching your home and every time you shop, you shop guilt-free. Reusable grocery bags are very easily available in the market or you can make it yourself with any repurposed clothes that you aren’t using at home.



top zero waste products

ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_2 Now another smart way to reduce your plastic consumption is to make small cloth bags to shop bulk. Usually, if you want to go shopping in a bulk store, either you need boxes or small bags. Carrying small cloth pouches for bulk shopping is another great way to reduce your consumption of tiny trashy plastic bags that you get with the loose shopping. Making small tiny bags from your old clothes or materials that you don’t use it anymore, old bedsheet or old shirt, dress, etc is a great way to reduce and these pouches are a great zero waste products among rest of the others we will just read through.


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_3 Do you know that teabags contain microplastic layering that seeps into the drinks and eventually to our water system? Read how we are consuming plastic from the tea and coffee bags. It is also majorly packed in plastic packaging. So using the pre-packed tea and coffee infuser is not a very wise idea. You can invest in a metal strainer that stays for long and has no impact on the addition of plastic consumption.

You should always make sure to buy loose-leaf tea or coffee beans directly to make your tea and coffee in the morning. This will significantly reduce your wastage. Also, the bonus is you can make gorgeous coffee scrub from the remaining coffee grounds for your personal care. How? See below!


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_4 Another thing you have to avoid are all those unnecessary plastic bottles to pile up in your home or surrounding. Next up among the great zero waste products is the reusable, refillable water bottle. We all need to drink water all the time. Whether you work out in the gym or you go to work if you are a college student or is a homemaker. Drinking water is a constant need, and buying bottles that are trashy, non-breakable, and non-biodegradable is a stupid act for the environment.

Some facts on the plastic bottles about how they are impacting our earth are here. You will be amazed to read all the unusual impact these easy and convenient bottles have on our surroundings. Carrying a refillable water bottle is a wise decision and you will save a lot of money and trash at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

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zero waste refill bottle


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_5 Sometimes in the kitchen, we need a lot of hot water for our everyday usage. And boiling the water every now and then will take lots of energy and consume lots of power when you can just boil and warm the water only once with the same amount of electricity and then save or store it in the thermos.

This water can help cut down the repeated work of boiling the water again and again also will save you time, cost and will be super convenient for you. Carrying your thermos is one of the smartest zero waste products which will be saving a lot of cost and energy. So investing in something like a thermos or a hot water bottle is a great start to reducing waste in your lifestyle. This is one of the best zero waste products.



ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_6 We are always in the need of cloth napkins in the kitchen in terms of cleaning and wiping things around, and we get no idea unconsciously that how much tissues and napkins we tend to use for our everyday use. And it never stops. So why don’t we just repurpose our old clothes that can be remade into cloth napkins which are washable, eco-friendly, and does no harm to your well being? So the next zero waste products will be cloth napkins.

Washable cloth napkins are my go-to and one of the top zero waste products that one can make or invest in.  Tissues and paper napkins involve a lot of processing, cutting down the trees and packaging, distribution and eventually, it is a single use product to be just used once and then thrown away. Not worth it. To make a note of that plan, one can make some cloth napkins that were once at home and can be reused and repurpose again and again to make your life low waste.


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_7 Who is a coffee addict? Coffee is a universal drink and everyone wants to just relax and sit in the coffee house or a cool cozy café to invest in some quality time with your loved ones. Also, coffee is something one always go grab from the takeaway or drive through, or for that matter anything to start a conversation we need a coffee time. It’s a conversation starter. But a conversation starter can end up creating lots and lots of trash in the environment.

Coffee cups are made of very harmful plastic which takes hundreds of years to degrade, so a wise idea is to just invest in something that you use every day to carry with yourself. Reusable coffee cups are one investment that one can make to lead a zero-waste life. Zero-waste lifestyle starts with personal choices and making a rigid personal choice on how to lead your life is totally up to yourself but at the end of the day if you contribute in something that helps our earth in a small way matters the most. So reusable coffee cups are one of the must-have zero waste products.


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_8 Another investment for zero waste products or let me put it in a way that for low waste or less waste is investing in an LED LIGHTS system at home other than traditional CFL or incandescent lighting. LED lighting is energy efficient. LED fixtures are much more economical than halogen or incandescent light bulbs so they can realize huge cost savings.

LED lighting is environmentally friendly. Longer expected life cycle. No warm-up time and also Shock resistant. So if you are on the designing stage of your home or want to replace the light that is not working or needs to be replaced..go for led lights. LED light is in the top 15 zero waste products you can invest in.


top zero waste products

ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_9 Personal hygiene is a very important aspect of everybody’s life. Being clean and taking care of us is supremely important but during this, we tend to waste so much, collect so much trash at our respective homes that eventually it defeats the purpose of the zero waste journey. And for zero waste products for an eco bathroom, toothbrushes are one product that you change frequently and is totally plastic, ends up in the landfill, and eventually never degrades.

It always remains…so why not invest in something that lasts, and even if they do, they never harm the surroundings. Bamboo or coconut toothbrushes are some of the better alternatives to use against plastc single-use toothbrushes, this is one thing which is a great investment for a natural zero waste products in once lifestyle.

Do you know that nearly how many toothbrushes end up in landfills every year? Read here. So choose your personal hygiene wisely and be a zero-waste hero. I also encourage people to majorly make their own products and it’s a wonderful idea to have something that is natural preservative-free and all without chemicals. We usually have recipes for some of the basic items that you need for your everyday life. See below :



ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_10 Although I encourage all the time to make our own stuff or avoid buying packaged food, you know these days I make sure that if I buy packed items (if I need to – no choice) than I do it in some eco-friendly packaging like glass, wood or steel so that I can repurpose them later to store my things. All my prepacked glass jars are now used to keeps cereal, pulses, beans, and spices.

This way you are just recirculating things that reach your home and never end up going into a landfill. So these are not zero waste products investment but a zero waste idea to recirculate the things that you already have it at home or a preplan that if you have to buy something from the market that is unavoidable then just go with the eco packaged glass jars. Repurposing what you already have or what you already bought is a great chance to replace all the zero waste products .

top zero waste products


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_11 We all know that the whole world is so concerned about the depletion of the non- renewable resources for energy and power so why don’t we at an individual level invest in somethings like a solar heater that captures the renewable energy resource like the sun and give you uninterrupted lights and water. Also, it will save you money and reduce your consumption of lights and power.

The zero-waste approach holds true for saving power, saving water, and of course saving energy. If you have a solar heater at home you will save heaps of energy that comes to your home and it will save you the cost of the electricity bills as the water will be heated with the energy of the sun plus you will have uninterrupted light powered by the sun. So anyway is a win-win. It will take a little investment in the start but in the long run, it will be really beneficial.


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_12 Single-use straws and forks and knives are used so much in day to day activities at home. We all gather with friends at home and outside to have get-together and parties and various celebrations where we tend to use all the trashy single-use plastic spoon, forks, knives, spoons, etc. Why…why can we not invest in some nice cutlery set in one go that is eco friendly, reusable, and not heavy on your packets.

There are so many brands that make natural cutlery for events like birthday, anniversary, etc where you can use them. Compostable cutlery is one thing that you can purchase if you do not intent to buy something expensive and only intended to buy single-use, but invest in something that is zero waste like coconut husk cutlery or bamboo cutlery.

top zero waste products


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_13 Composting is one of the single best things you can do to lead a zero-waste life and reduce all the waste at individual home levels. I still say that buying a composting bin is not necessary if you reside in a kind of house that has big outdoor or back yard space, or even if you don’t have outdoor space but has big plastic containers to hold and compost your waste in a proper manner, then just go ahead with that.

But for people who struggle to find a place or proper equipment on composting, investing in a composting bin is a great idea to start managing your waste at home. There are many composting bins that are avaibale in the market and to start  the compost you can buy one and start your zero waste journey.



ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_14 Now another zero waste product I like is the food produce saver covers and mesh bags. Basically, mesh or the silicon cover bags are the answers to many plastic-wrapped cling wraps that you invest in. Also, it also holds a great chance for microplastic to enter our system. Microplastic is something that enters our system and then has numerous hazardous effects on us.

It’s cancerous and enters our food chain and the food chain of our micro organism and therefore disrupting the whole natural cycle. So investing in good silicon covers or cloth produce savers will help you in so many ways. Produce savers are readily available in the market these days and these are the one-time investment. So go for it and save numerous other investments on plastic packaging.

top zero waste products


ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS_15 Another way to reduce your consumption of foils, paper tissues, plastic lunch boxes, etc. to go to work, go to the gym, or go to any other places where you carry food is to invest in some beeswax wraps or a simple cloth wraps to carry your food. You can also invest in some eco-friendly tiffin boxes of materials like stainless steel or ceramic wooden etc. this will help you reduce lots of plastic waste generated by your good self.

Wrapping your food in plastic cling wraps or aluminum foils will do no good for the environment. So it’s better to avoid it at all cost when you can easily buy some wraps or make them at home with a cloth and if you don’t want to go into that much detail, just invest in a good durable tiffin or food carrying box and clean cotton fabrics to wrap your food.


top zero waste products

More than this reducing waste is a lifestyle change and low waste is an attitude reverse. We need to think about our footprints and how our actions are impacting the earth. If we are little conscious about the things we use and make sure that the small actions we tend to get involved in are properly thought off, them we at the individual level can reduce a lot of waste coming from our homes. So think about it. Invest in the things that you think you are reusing and discarding often.

Reducing will help the earth in so many ways in terms of landfill waste and will save you cost and eventually makes this place a better place to live in. Think about it.

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