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We all want to have a clean home that is beautiful and well maintained. But sometimes making your home properly and well organized; one needs to spend a lot to achieve his or her goals. Also for the older homes, wearing and tearing might cost a lot.

Let’s read on how we can maintain and organize our clean home without spending a thing on possessions. Just a few changes in habits or probably planning things in advance or let us just say cutting down on lots of things that create unnecessary clusters are few things one can do to maintain his or her home on a budget.

It will obviously save you lots of money but also will make you stress-free, clutter-free, positive and you will be able to divert your attention to better productive things.

clean and tidy home


A tidy and clean home is important for many direct and indirect reasons

It helps you save money
Makes you organized
Helps you concentrate on good things
Makes you positive
Gives you a good rest and sleep
Makes you stress-free
Makes you enjoy more family time.
Overall you feel good and clean and sorted
It’s great for mental well being
Also leads you towards a natural lifestyle
And therefore good for the environment and surroundings


Use Bins with closed lid

We all use dustbins at home and the easiest way to maintain your home is to place the dustbin in a way that the smell doesn’t reach your living spaces. Keep the lid close all the time and it is any day better to look for a bin with has a cover. If you have space that is semi-open or open to the sky than smartly place the dustbins around those areas. It’s so important for your clean home to always smell good and welcoming. And this is one of the most important things you can inculcate in your daily routine.

Buy fewer things

Maintaining your clean home on budgets will lead you to not assemble and clutter too many unnecessary and non-essential items. You need to buy less to maintain more. More things will add extra burden on your cleaning and your pockets. Buying only necessary items that are very important for well-being. This is a straightforward lifestyle change. Buy less and be a minimalist. Things you think you can sustain are the once you should have at your clean home. Rest is all luxury. This way you will save more and your clean home will always be maintained and clean.

how to have a clean home


Put keys, cards into drawers once you get in

There are many instances when you tend to throw in the keys, the wallets, etc. here and there and never get when you actually need them. One thumb rule is to be more organized to have a clean home is to straight away put in the keys, the cards into the drawers once you get inside the home. This way you will cut down all the possibilities of not misplacing it and will also reduce the clutter and panic situations.

Keep laptop, phone, bags in the drawers

Another thing to keep things tidy and clean is as soon as you reach home from work or office, keep your laptop, and all digital gadgets properly in a drawer with the bag and the accessories. It is always easy to put things on the place once you are just reaching home. Post that you tend to relax and dive into the laziness around the cozy home. So try to build in the habit directly to make your home clutter-free and clean.

Wash utensils once you finish your meal

The kitchen is the most important place in every household and keeping it clean all the time is a change for everyone around. One thing that works for me and a lot of other people is to keep on washing the utensils once you finish the meal. The members of the family should be trained and taught in the manner of independent well being and children should be taught to wash their respective utensils once they finish their meals. This will always keep your kitchen clean without even spending a single penny.

Dry clothes outside

Drying clothes outside will not only make your home be free from the wet humid smell but also save you energy and cost. It is always recommended to lessen the burden by avoiding the dryer when you have natural sunshine and sunlight to dry your clothes. This will keep your clean home also odor-free, and the clothes will be fresh and clean. Avoiding the dryer completely will also have a positive impact on the environment and the electricity bill will also reduce.

clean home naturally

Put fresh flowers at home

Gardening and flowering are a few things that make one happy, positive, and natural. So why not get in some fresh flowers from the garden and put in your home around the centralized location to always smell naturally good and pleasant. Flowers are very welcoming and the aroma and the fragrance of them makes a cozy and welcoming environment at home. Putting a bouquet of fresh and seasonal flowers will naturally uplift your home.

Keep sachets of dried flowers and spices

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have a blooming garden. You can very easily dry some flowers you get on birthdays or you bring them on for some festivities and sundry them. The same goes for spices like nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon stick, etc. that you can use to naturally make your home smell good. Take a cloth sachet or a nutbag cloth and make small pouches of it at home. Fill in some dried flowers and spices in the sachets and keep placing them at random locations to always making your home aromatic and inviting.

Bathroom door closed

Another very simple approach to always keep your home nice and clean is to always keep the bathroom door closed. No matter what, how clean the situations are, the bathroom is a wet space that is used for personal cleanliness and it tends to smell and untidy the home many times. So to discard that possibility, make sure that the door of the bathroom is closed. Inculcate the same in the habit in everyday life and be free of odor.

Always make your bed once you get up

Another good habit to always be clean and tidy is to always make your bed once you wake up first thing in the morning. Making the bed automatically cleans and clears your bedroom and the house looks less messy. This should be a general rule of the house. The messy bed makes the home look very uninvited and doing so, it will reduce the amount of time and energy you give in while cleaning up the whole house and doing the rest of the routine and daily chores.

clean home naturally

Keep arranging kitchen while cooking

Another aspect of a very important space to be taken care of is how to keep your kitchen clean and tidy keeping in mind the fact that the kitchen is always up and running. One great idea is to always keep arranging kitchen utensils, bottles, spoon, and any thing that is being used. Once you do that you have very little work to do while you are working in the kitchen. And if by working only you clean the kitchen itself then half of your work is already done. This is a very smart way to work.

Keeps shoes out or in a closed cupboard

As soon as you enter the home you should make sure that the shoes are keyed in a closed cupboard or if you have a home that has an outside semi-covered patio then make some necessary arrangements there to keep your shoes out. This will make your home look tidy and fresh without any added smell of used and worn socks and dirt. In lots of cultures, shoes are not allowed in the living spaces of the home. They always maintain to remove shoes outside before entering the living zone.

Keep one random clutter basket

This one is my fav. I always keep one random basket at home to collect and throw in all the random clutter of the house. There are some instances when you don’t have time and a window to clean the house and the whole house looks a bit of a mess. Then what you do, is take this basket and put all the random clutter in it. Put a lid and that is put in a nice corner and clean it when you get the time. But make sure that it’s done and emptied.

Put clothes straight into wardrobe or laundry

Another smart way to not clutter and keep your home tidy is to put your worn clothes either in the laundry or in the cupboard directly. No not the chair beside your bed, neither the door nor the back door handle. Just put in right into the cupboard or in the laundry room. This helps in a great way to not make a cluster of clothes and you can easily find or locate them whenever you need them. Also, you will keep your house clean.

Make homemade candles

Homemade candles are another way to make your home smell and feel good. Candles are one thing that sets in the mood and environment at home. Lighting the candles at night or early evening to lit the whole house smell good and look clean and tidy. Candles are so simple to make. And the great part about it is that it is zero waste and can be a great recreational activity for the kids as well. The fragrance of your choice will make the home smell according to your taste and the positivity and aroma will hold you all together.


clean and scented home

Make natural room spray

It’s so simple to make a natural room spray at home. Take some fresh flowers from your garden or just take a few dried once as well. Slow boil them for 10 mins in water. Let it cool down completely. Strain the liquid and add a portion of vodka and transfer it in the spray bottle. Making your own spray will make you zero waste and also go towards a natural well being. You can use any flowers like lavender, roses, etc that smells good, and also for that matter you can also use orange peels and citrus peels. Spray this natural solution in the space you stay.

Drops of essentials oils in the vacuum or a oil diffuser

Another great idea to make your clean home smell good is to put a few drops of essential oils on the vacuum cleaner. Once you will vacuum, the oil will throw the aroma in the space you are vacuuming and nothing will become oily or sticky. And on the other hand, the home will smell good.

Steam some herbs and spices in water

Another easy way to take your clean home one step ahead is to steam some herbs and spices in the water and while boiling the aroma of the spices will spread in the home. After you do that another great way to to utilise the water is to make some delicious teas to relax and pamper your mind and body.


Open doors and windows

Another very simple way to make your home smell and stay good is to keep on opening doors and windows on a regular basis. Doing so all the bad smell and foul smell will go out and the fresh batch of the fresh air will set into your clean home.

Infuse herbs in oil and slow burn

Next, very interesting idea is to infuse the herbs in oils or take essential oil and slow burn them. You can use some carrier oil and put the essential oil along with fresh leaves and wood, to slow burn. Slow-burning will evaporate the aroma and the home will be filled with all the natural fragrances to settle down in your home sweet home.


Spending money all the time is not necessary at all. There are many things that you can do without doing so as well. Home is where you want to spend most of your time. Be it sitting with a family or playing around with your children, not to mention during this pandemic, we also tend to work from home. So I hope you will adapt to these simple changes that you can make easily in your lifestyle and have a beautiful looking home without too much of a hassle. Hope this article helps you to make your home smell good and look tidy all the time.

Let me know in the comments what are the other things one can do to sustain a home that is always tidy, always organized.

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