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Handmade is a term that has become too mainstream these days. Handmade, handcrafted, hand-skilled are some of the words you hear in your everyday life. Sometimes big brands promote their products on the lines of so-called ‘handmade’ and ‘locally manufactured’ and grasp a good profit on the grounds of it. 

Each and every handmade product is unique in itself. It can never be an exact replica of another like other machine-made products which are all the same. This uniqueness adds value to the hand-made product.


So let’s figure out what actually using handmade produce do? What is really handmade and why should you have a desire to have local handmade product inculcated in your lifestyle.

Handmade is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. It is a traditional main sector of craft and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that are related to making things with one’s hands and skill.

When buying something handmade from an artist or artisan, you are buying more than just that particular object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation; the days, weeks of frustration and moments of pure joy. It gives him courage and inspiration to pursue a passion. This is what makes handmade stuff more valuable.



1. They are green – yes a basic reason to use a handmade product as it consumes less energy than a mass commodity product and therefore is more environmentally sustainable.

2. Another thing to feel good about is that you are helping in creating more jobs by helping a locally running small business and generating a certain amount of local wage.

3. There is no doubt that a product made specially by hand will be better in all sense of design and workmanship. Being said that because it uses natural sources of raw materials particularly made to fulfil the requirements. But obviously it will not be perfect in terms of measurement and consistency but that what makes it unique and one of the kind.

4. Handmade comes from a special place of heart. It’s not mechanical but emotional. Something that is made with love and compassion beauty and desire care and hope.

5. What about restoring the human skills that is going loose in this fast-paced life and desire to see quick results. Buying handmade creates a ripple effect on restoring human craft that might get lost if  the artist doesn’t find sustainability in it. After all art is fine but at the end of the day it’s a race to survive.

6. Doing so you are helping a community. You are supporting a child going to school or a day’s meal on their table.

7. It’s pretty easy to buy. Less complicated.

9. rightly so supporting handmade you are Supporting a tradition a culture a heritage and a craft….just to start with !

11. You are more aware of how your actions influence the bigger picture. Not supporting mass market products, unethical sourcing or low cost labour.

12. You are supporting peoples livelihoods with a responsible decision to redistributing wealth which can eventually make you..or should rather make you happy and content.

13. Buying handmade products can also create jobs and strengthen the economy. Handmade goods are typically created by small businesses, and small business growth is good for everyone.



Many handmade products use natural, even entirely indigenous, materials while others may prefer modern, non-traditional materials, and even upcycle industrial materials. The individual artisanship of a handcrafted item is the paramount criterion; those made by mass production or machines are not handicraft goods It’s mass made at an amazingly minimal effort, and the quality is agreeable.

On the off chance that from before we utilise our own eyes and hands to make such mind boggling things, various machines would now be able to carry out this responsibility basic and simple , successful. The utilisation of hardware can be entirely perceptible with regards to the mechanical planet creating a great many individuals today jobless and to be sure unwaged. Starting here of view, understand that carefully assembled items are truly diminishing in nature.

From home theatre frameworks, tennis shoes, and the garments on your back it’s completely made by machines abroad. In any case, there is a pattern made locally, yet items that are hand made. Merchandise that are made by hand are commonly remarkable and dependant upon the craftsman might be of a lot higher calibre instead of mass-made items in light of the fact that the time and scrupulousness the craftsman places into the item.


Without holding or utilising a high quality item many are ignorant of the benefits of not purchasing items from Asia. For your benefit, we have gathered a rundown of the reasons why we feel hand made is prevalent. To know the various types of handicrafts –

READ: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handicraft


What things can you classify as handmade, what is it? I would say, don’t be too technical, just by the name goes…anything that is made by hand is handmade, be it everyday cosmetics or local food products or things like slippers toothpaste utensils clothes construction techniques cooking methods whatever it takes to be collected combined and finished by hand and not machine-made is handmade.

It necessarily should not always comes down to fancy tag lines for Jewellery painting home decor etc. There’s more substance to it there is enough room for an handmade product to practically replace most of the everyday things in once life. DIY’s Organic Hand moulded Hand pressed locally sourced etc etc are all the things that indirectly throws you towards handmade. So why make it so complicated. We can do lots of things by yourself.

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Machine produced goods which are mass produced by the thousands and thousands are often less costly but also are a penny a dozen. That’s because the item has absolutely no unique qualities. They are usually constructed under tight quality control processes ensuring that each and every stitch is exceptional.

Even though, precision has its advantages, mass manufactured products will most likely rarely keep their worth simply because of the enormous amount of identical items on the market. In addition, to not retaining monetary value, they also lose their emotional value due to the fact they are no longer distinctive to the owner


The greatest difference between handcrafted and mass-produced goods is that hand made products are made with love. A one of a kind or hand made item is going to be made with considerably more attention to detail, creativity, and care compared to just about any item that is bulk produced by the thousands. This is generally why folks are drawn to items made by individual artisans.

Compared to machine-produced products, handmade products tend to be constructed to survive. It’s possible to come across products that have been handcrafted 75 or even a 100 years ago that are still functional. Try contrasting that to the machine produced toys and games or automobile parts produced in these days that tend to be only made to last for a few years. Sure they are less expensive to buy, nevertheless the amount of time they survive is often a small fraction to that of a handmade product.

Handcrafted goods equals to work and employment – given that goods are made using the skills and capabilities of an artisan, rest assured that joblessness will be fought at its best. Utilizing machines will only reduce the number of manpower required therefore increasing the number of unemployed folks worldwide.


The distinction among ‘handcrafted’ and ‘handmade’ is generally bantered in the style world, with the two terms regularly obscuring into one. What is clear, is that with the transient ascent of the craftsman pattern, customers are paying special mind to these two trendy expressions increasingly more when settling on their shopping decisions.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for shoes, belts, sacks or adornments, you’ll have seen these two words meshed into item depictions, regularly being utilised conversely. Be that as it may, what’s the distinction between something that has been high quality instead of something that has been handcrafted?



It’s a change or a choice that one needs to make for a positive longer run. The perspective is infinite. Always remember machines were made by hands I am sure not visioned to replace them one day.

Why handmade because at the end of the day by making a small change , on a larger perspective of our rather small blue planet to sustain for odd 60-70 years will do no harm.

Help yourself support others and co-exist ! And let’s take one day at a time….

“ Small changes matters “